Just follow the steps listed below to make switching to First State Bank easy.


1.Open an account with First State Bank.

2.Stop using your old account.  Discard all old unused checks and ATM/debit cards.  If you like we can shred your checks and ATM/debit card for you.  It could take a few weeks for all outstanding checks/transactions to clear your account at your previous bank.

3.For your convenience download the Authorization to change direct deposit form.

4.Change your automatic payments.  For each automatic debit from your account, you will need to complete an authorization form with your new account information and send it to that company.

5.Close your old account.  After all the outstanding checks have cleared your old bank account, download and complete a close account request form.

6. Other forms you may need:
- Authorization to change direct deposit/automatic deposits
Authorization to change automatic payments/drafts

If you have any questions about switching accounts to First State Bank, don’t hesitate to call us at 918-456-6108.